What to do when your prototype is ready and working?

Okay okay… chill… Your game mechanics work and your idea works! What you can do next?

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

When you are creating a prototype of your amazing idea and you finally have managed to finish it with zero problems. It’s time to add your beautiful assets to the field and see how they look in action! :3

Prototyping is one of the project phases which can be both fun and annoying. You test and try and make your mechanics work as you want and you see if there are any problems or if the mechanics even work in your project that well. This phase is full of possibilities! :)

This is what my prototype of a 2D space shooter looked like before any fancy sprites.

With primitive objects

And this is what it looks like now after transforming our 3D objects into a 2D sprite.

Fancy sprites

Like I said before this has been so much fun making this and we will continue our journey… we need more powerups of course!

So we can go faster than before and shoot enemies faster! And when is the big boss coming? Hmm… We will need to wait and see… ;)

Thank you for reading this! Get your prototype going and see you in the next one! :)



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