Making your workflow better — by changing your editor layout in Unity3D

Working better in Unity3D by just changing your editor layout!

Default vs. More productive

So let’s see… This is the Default Editor Layout.

Default Editor Layout

And this is the layout that I use. Makes much more sense, right? You can move your assets in the scene view and see them in real-time in the game view!

Changing to better editor layout

Changing editor layout to Tall

After you changed it to Tall you can just drag the game view to the bottom of the scene view so it’s half scene and half game view! :)

And that’s that. We have clean looking editor layout now.

I like to have Console Window in my editor so if that’s something you want to have you can add it in by going to Window -> General -> Console

Console window shows errors, warnings and messages. You can write your own messages there by just using Debug.Log in your code.

Adding Console view

There is still more you can change but those are good if you have a lot of assets in your project folder.

Like changing from two columns to one column.

From two columns layout to one

And now it’s perfect! A good start to create, edit and test your game! :)
I hope you found this change in the editor layout helpful.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next one :)

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