Making your art feel more alive

This time we will animate our sprites inside Unity, and use Animator & animation.


Today we will see how to animate a sprite in Unity as shown below.
We have 3 animated powerup sprites from the Space Shooter 2D Game.

Animated powerups

Animating brings those sprites alive, otherwise, they look just so dull…
And even if you are just a beginner, don’t worry! :) This guide makes it easier for you!

All you need is Unity, Sprite to animate, and a Spritesheet for the sprite.

To start making those animated sprites

  1. You have to have the sprite selected which you want to animate. Then in the Animation window, you click Create and name the animation
    (Shown below)

If you don’t have an Animation window. You can open it from:
Window -> Animation -> Animation

2. After that you go to the folder where your sprites are for the animation. You choose the first one and shift-click the last sprite (So it chooses everything between those two)

3. Then you drag all of the sprites to the animation track, and you are done! :)

4. Now that your sprites are where they should.
There are two choices, either the animation is loopable or not. And if you want it to play once, you should remember to untick the loop option in the animation.

5. Unity creates the Animator in that game object automatically, but if you have for example same sprite but a different game object. You can manually add the Animator and the Animation Controller.

With Unity creating animations for sprites, is fun and interesting! I hope you can start your animation journey with this! :)

Thank you for reading this! Hope this had some kind of “impact”… :D
Here’s an explosion :)



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