How to use a Dolly Track in Unity

Janika Suhonen
2 min readJun 16, 2021


In which situation and how you should use Cinemachines Dolly Track?

How should you create a moving camera with look a at a specific object?

First, you should add Dolly Track and CM Camera to the scene.

You find these from the Cinemachine tab.

When you create Dolly Camera with Track, you create a normal CM Camera and Dolly Track.

And that Camera is automatically connected to that Track so you don’t have to change anything. But if you want to add another camera to it and not new.

Adding new CM Camera to Dolly Track

  • You go to that CM Cameras Inspector
  • Go to CinemachineVirtualCamera and Body settings
  • You choose Tracked Dolly to the Body
  • And you put the Dolly Track you want to the Path

Dolly Track Settings

You got few settings you can change on the Dolly Track.

  • Change the color of the track and width
  • If it’s looped or not
  • And how many waypoints the track has
Dolly Track Settings

Dolly Track looks like this. You can see the waypoints and you can drag and move those where you want by just clicking them like normal game objects.

This is how I chose to put my Dolly Track for this cutscene.

Dolly Track behind one of the guards

Before we play this we need to add a Look At to our camera so we look at Darren when the camera moves on the track.

Look At

And it looks like this ->

Finished Dolly Track Scene

And then we add this in our Timeline to see how it plays in our scene! :)



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