How to create materials and apply them to Game Objects.

Changing the topic to something easier but to something which you can’t evade when creating game objects in Unity.

Having three materials inside the mesh renderer is helping us a lot to determine our object.

Here I have two Pillars, one has all the right materials and the other doesn’t.
To change these materials, it’s good that you already have a base texture that you place inside the albedo channel.

When you create these materials for different parts or different objects.

  1. Create a Material and name it well, example White_Wall_mat (the mat in the ends means that it’s a material)
  2. In the Inspector, you move your texture to the albedo channel
  3. You can start playing with Metallic and Smoothness sliders to get the effect you want. If the object can reflect light or is it smooth?
White Marble Material

For White Marble, I reduced both Metallic and Smoothness
Metallic value — 0.336
Smoothness value — 0.193

Black Marble Material

For Black Marble, I increased both Metallic and Smoothness
Metallic value — 0.788
Smoothness value — 0.572

Gold Diamond

Gold Diamond Material

This one didn’t need a texture map for the albedo, I just simply chose a color that was enough yellowish

For Gold Diamond, I increased a lot both Metallic and Smoothness
Metallic value — 0.99
Smoothness value — 0.844

When you are done with the materials, it’s time to apply them to the object :)

You can do like this or just simply use Inspector and Mesh Renderer

And now it looks far better than before! :)

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