How to Build and Test your Unity Game


The chapter where you want to get is to build your game and test it! :)

Building your game is fast, especially if you don’t have too many assets… :D

When you are ready to Build your game, you got to file -> build settings.

Build Settings

There you should first check that all of your scenes are in the Scenes In Build section.
You choose the right platform where you want to build your game, target platform and other options should be fine for now.

And then just click “Build” or “Build And Run” to start the game immediately when it has been built.

After the build is completed, all the files should be in the folder.

Awesome! Now just go and test your amazing game! :)



Janika Suhonen

From the beautiful snowy country with a touch of "good" humor? Inspired Unity Developer to learn more.