Composing A Scene in Unity for Cutscenes

Janika Suhonen
2 min readJun 16, 2021


How to compose a scene in Unity Timeline for cutscenes?

Sleeping Guard Cutscene

I created this Sleeping Guard Cutscene using Timeline. Below you see what I used to create this.

We go through these Tracks one by one to see which does what and why it’s in the Timeline.

  1. Cinemachine Track. (Main Camera)
    - We add our Main Camera then we add our Cinemachine Cameras on the Timeline. This helps us to change the camera view from OTS_Shot to Mid_Shot
  2. Animation Track (Actors)
    - This Animation Track has our Sleeping Guard Animation
    - Now we can easily check how the animation looks and when we change the camera view
  3. Animation Track (OTS_Shot)
    - We animated our OTS_Shot camera to move from position A to position B which is right above Darren’s shoulder.
    - This can be easily done by using the Record button which is the Red Circle in the Animation Track
    - You click the Record and you create these keyframes by going in a specific frame or second and then you move the object or rotate it

4. Activation Track (Key Card)
- This activation Track is for the Key Card which Darren takes from the guard.
- Once he takes it, we then deactivate the card so in the camera view it looks like Darren took it.
- We only need the Active track to be where we want it to be active.

5. Animation Track (Fade Alpha)
- We create a fade from Black to Alpha for the start of the Cutscene.
- First, we create Canvas and a fully black image, and using record we make it fully visible in the beginning and after few seconds to fully transparent.

6. Animation Track (Mid Shot Look At)
- This animation track is responsible for the camera going down and up in the last seconds of that cutscene
- Again I used the Record to create this effect

Now we have gone through our tracks from the Timeline which creates our beautiful cutscene :)



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