Animate GameObjects using Timeline

Janika Suhonen
2 min readJun 17, 2021


Animating your GameObjects for a Cutscene can sound challenging. But in fact, it’s not that difficult to do. In this article, I show you how to do it.

Animated Camera to Zoom in Darren

Creating An Animation Track In Timeline

  1. Go to Timeline and click the plus and choose Animation Track

2. You move the Game Object you want to animate onto the Animator slot which you just created

3. You create an Animator to that Game Object if it doesn’t already have one.

4. Then you hit the record button so you can start recording the movement of that Game Object

5. Now you choose your Game Object (In my case it’s a camera). Then you move it where you want it to be at the start. And make sure it creates a keyframe there.


To easily move your Camera you can go to the place a specific position in Scene and hit Ctrl + Shift + F and the Camera will move to your location.

6. When you have created your keyframes you can again hit the record button to stop it from recording.

And now that Game Object should move from one position to another using the Timeline. :)



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