What if your player goes through an object when you click the other side of that object? It shouldn’t be like that, right?

Since we added the NavMesh and made the player move in the last article. The player moves but it moves through objects. Now we will fix this by making these objects static.

Create Static objects

  1. Choose the objects which will be static
  2. Then you go to Inspector and click Static



Working reflections/shadows create life in our games. And if you are stuck about which one you should use, here is a small article about it.

Which wins?

Here are two pictures of the same scene with Light Probe reflections and Screen Space Reflections.

Light Probe
  • Light Probe is used in this one.
  • It’s more…



Without glass, you don’t have windows. And you always have to windows, right?

There you have a beautiful New York city view at night from looking through a window. It’s just a simple material as any.

Create a glass material

  • Create the material by right-clicking in the Project view
    Create -> Material
  • Name it Glass_mat (_mat meaning that it’s material)
  • Set Rendering Mode to Transparent
  • Albedo to white and Alpha value to 0
  • Metallic to 0
  • Smoothness to 0.9

You can change smoothness depending on how much you want the glass to reflect.



Janika Suhonen

From the beautiful snowy country with a touch of "good" humor? Inspired Unity Developer to learn more.